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Social Media Types

types of social media

Digital marketing has surpassed the conventional ways attractive content production and now, know what are the types of social media is something almost mandatory to have success today. Considering that the market is increasingly competitive (regardless of its industry) and that Brazil is going through moments of crisis, having the …

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Social Media Plan

social media plan

Social media has become the flagship of Digital Marketing campaigns, after all, the vast majority of target audiences are on some digital platform. Therefore, establishing the social media plan is essential. This is nothing more than a plan for you to organize and structure your steps. It is not smart …

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Social Media In Business

social media in companies

Are you noticing that companies are increasingly investing in digital marketing? Large and small corporations are embracing trend s and prospecting leads through social media in companies. Digital marketing is very democratic and it brings benefits to ANY type of enterprise – and ANY size too. So, if you have …

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Social Media Instagram

Social Media Instagram

Facebook is a very traditional social network and most people have a profile, but the Social Media Instagram is edging out the “social mother network” every day. That’s because Instagram proved to be a slightly more “filtered” platform. Your layout is simpler, ideas are more organized and the relationship you …

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Social Media – Facebook

Social Media Facebook

When we talk about “social media” the first thing that comes to mind is social networks (which, in fact, are part of this group). The Social Media Facebook, for example, is one of the big names in the market. This social network is no longer just a platform to connect …

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Social Media Marketing

the social media marketing

The social media marketing is a strategy prospecting of new customers coming so fast replacing the “traditional” form of content (TV, pamphlets, billboards, radio, among others). Of course, the more conventional means of dissemination are still widely used, but digital platforms have opened up incredible and very rewarding opportunities – …

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Social Media Manager

social media manager

The social media manager is a profession that is becoming more and more popular in the market and it is certainly an essential function to outline good digital marketing strategies. It is no secret that the internet has become something intrinsic in our lives and goes beyond entertainment or socialization …

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Social Media Management

social media management

The social media management is a term that has been increasingly used because the internet has become an environment that goes beyond entertainment and sharing experiences: become a market! You will hardly find a company that does not have a social network or blog to have a more direct communication …

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Social Media Examples

examples of social media

“ Social media ” does not necessarily mean that we are talking about SOCIAL NETWORKS. Although this is covered in “media”, there are other examples of social media that you can program content. Nowadays, digital platforms go far beyond the exhibition of ideas just to tell your group of friends …

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Ethics and Social Media

ethics and social media

The internet, especially social media, has become a major sales engine and, today, those who do not adapt to this new market are left behind. But in addition to marketing strategies, knowing about ethics and social media is essential. When it comes to the Internet, the concept of “ethics” ends …

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