First all- male and gay- identified Khmer dance company in

While same-sex activity is legal in the country and former King Norodom Sihanouk has even voiced support for same-sex marriage, LGBTQ individuals still commonly face harassment and discrimination. You are going to go on stage and you are going to represent a community that doesn't have a voice oftentimes.

They saw the transformation in my dancers. Patrick D'Arcy Follow. Born in Long Beach, Calif. But Ok stresses it is still important to maintain the local character of the tradition. Sections U.

It's also part of our Canvas series. He shares his brief but spectacular take on honoring tradition. Currently, Ok is developing an interdisciplinary journal to give young Khmer people access to groundbreaking voices and ideas.

Ok is hoping to nurture a strength and bravery in his dancers, which he says they will need in order to be successful in their performances.

Тo, first all- male and gay- identified Khmer dance company in зарегистрировался форуме

The art form needs you. Ok decided to train them all. And when I got to Cambodia, my friends, who are the leading dance artists in Cambodia, they would say, Prum, can you stay here? Still, Ok was determined.

Before I auditioned the dancers, I told them: I need brave people. TED Fellows Follow. I had plans to move to Mexico City.

Is it the right move to come back to Cambodia? Ok himself has also experienced such a transformation. Sign Up. T here are now seven full-time dancers in the company, four of which were at that initial audition two years ago.

First all- male and gay- identified Khmer dance company in

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