Gay Cities New York is your guide to gay bars

On busy Fridays and Saturdays, be prepared to wait 10 - 15 minutes for a drink. Featured in Food. I've always had a great time here; the bartenders are attentive and make a damn good cocktail. Boxers Flatiron is located at 37 West 20th Street, ; boxersnyc.

East Village : The once dodgy and now chic East Village is home to dozens of cool boutiques, hipster-filled gay bars, and offbeat restaurants, though the vibe has been skewing more affluent and cookie-cutter as of late.

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RawHide in French Quarter. Golden Lantern in French Quarter. Queens Eye View New Orleans. Restaurants to check out. When your arrive at Carrolton Avenue, get off the trolly and you will be at Louisiana Pizza Kitchens door step.

Gay Cities New York is your guide to gay bars мне

From Our Partners. Upper West Side. The decor feels cohesive but chaotic, combining the kind of crafts you probably made at camp, with cardboard cutouts of acid-colored spooky masks that were hung up for Halloween but never removed. Likely To Sell Out.

Do you know the scoop? Meatpacking District.

Weeknights are a little less crowded, so if you want to go out on a Tuesday night and have it feel like a Friday night, come here. This is a good spot to kick off your night out, or use as an escape after work. Best gay clubs in NYC. Therapy via Foursquare.

Cordeiro 1, forum posts. This was once a drab, lower-income neighborhood where workers at nearby garment factories and river docks lived in cheap boardinghouses and rickety, airless tenements.

Gay Cities New York is your guide to gay bars

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