Gay men are so rich

Each year, approximately 35, households were surveyed and, consistently, 2 to 3 percent of respondents each year identified as sexual minorities. Giorgio Armani is known for being notoriously private and has remained relatively quiet about his own sexuality.

As a straight single male software engineer working in Silicon Valley, I appeared pretty affluent, as did all my married acquaintances who lived in places like Atherton.

Are Gay Men Really Rich? The top stories on my social feed always seem to be of my gay friends living their best and luxurious lives. So none of us is going to be able to relax any time soon.

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Rich gay men often enjoy being philanthropists — meaning they are generous and like to give back to the world. Now, this will likely change as society moves on. Rich Dick. Gay men are so rich point of this pictorial interlude is that they were all attractive, yes, sort of, but pretty average looking.

Originally Answered: How come vast majority of gays are so wealthy? Alex And Ty In Shower. A waitress at a roadside diner is serving a tuxedo-ed rich man who has stopped for gas in his Mercedes. I am gay a lot of time, cause by nature I am lighthearted and carefree, but I am not homosexual and I am not trying to use the word homosexual for my own advantage or even hijack it.

A new study suggests that they are , but probably not in the way you're thinking. Without these protections, it is very difficult to earn a living, let alone build wealth. Is this still true in ? Gay men do indeed enjoy higher average incomes, and thus can afford to buy or rent, and maintain, nicer-looking property.

Gay men are so rich

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