Meet the stars of the first gay dating show Suitors

While Andra has a day at the spa, James and the remaining six mates go on a horseback riding group date. Share this page:. Dillon New Orleans, LA started his own business as a fashion publicist and designer at the age of 25 following his year-long career of ballet.

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But unlike those programs, Finding Prince Charming is a powderkeg of same-sex attraction in which the contestants could be — potentially — hooking up themselves. Entertainment Weekly. He acknowledged that the popularity of season one would make it practically impossible for another season with the same twist but also said that he has come up with another twist which Bravo executives thought was fun.

Retrieved Andra is given "veto power," allowing her to overrule one of James' choices and keep the eliminated mate in the house. Namespaces Article Talk.

Meet the stars of the first gay dating show Suitors

Lance Bass will host the show, which premieres next month on Logo. See also External Sites. He advised his commanding officer of his sexual orientation before the show aired and was discharged under Don't ask, don't tell. From Nov. Boy Meets Boy —.

Learn how your comment data is processed. His final choice, Wes Culwell , is gay , so James wins the money and he and Wes win the trip. In other events, a suitor is accused of inappropriate behavior. Views Read Edit View history. Andra has a final confrontation with the mates before James makes his final choice.

Meet the stars of the first gay dating show Suitors

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