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Genthon, P. It means pos sibility not only directly observe origin of karst forms in glaciers of dierent regions with various climate, to carry out their exact measurements or even to put some types of experiments. Baishuitai spring contain high mineralizated waters with regular temperatures. Caves roof collapses and depression sizes growth are typical for this stage.

We cannot praise it enough, needless to say, we will be back! Braathen, J. Sorazmerno velik strmec na zaetnem delu poti A1-A3 omogoa dobro prezraevanje vode in izhajanje CO 2 ki je v poletnih mesecih, ko se voda na poti izloanja segreva, e hitreje.

Nevertheless, we see from F ig. On the same glacier it is possible to nd all stages of GK development from the earliest up to decrepit stage F ig. Pentecost, A.

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Muir-Wood, R. Most probably they are karst springs. Ob nizkih in srednjih pretokih ob ohlajanju vode v zimskih mesecih, je prihajalo do najvejega izloanja na drugem odseku A2-A3. Bungum, H. Many assumptions are still to be proved.

Similarly, inception along-strike at lithological bounda ries within lower grade metacarbonates in angled stripe karst ASK; foliation dip 31 o , as at K orallgrottan in Sweden, is also feasible. Pokazalo se je, da se izloa predvsem kalcijev kar bonat, saj so vrednosti karbonatov, kalcija in celokupne trdote vzdol poti soasno in enako upadale.

Selected filters. Sweet Ocean View Guesthouse. In this case boundaries of stage zones of GK development remain approximately on the same places.

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