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Social Media Examples

“ Social media ” does not necessarily mean that we are talking about SOCIAL NETWORKS. Although this is covered in “media”, there are other examples of social media that you can program content.

Nowadays, digital platforms go far beyond the exhibition of ideas just to tell your group of friends what you are doing, feeling or thinking about a certain situation.

Pages have become a huge market and virtually everything is monetized today. In addition to the possibility of making money from the internet (as is the case with digital influencers) it is possible to promote your products through it.

You will hardly find a venture – no matter how small – without any social media profile. In fact, it is an essential tool for anyone who wants to succeed in the business.

And social media examples : the big social networks

When we talk about examples of social media, there is no way not to mention social networks, as they dominate the market. That’s because the audience is very wide and users spend hours and hours on their profiles.

Therefore, it is very easy to identify what your tastes are so that the intelligent algorithms can “understand the message” and trigger the correct advertisements.

In case you don’t know, everything that users do is computed and studied so that they spend the maximum time on the internet consuming. So, for those who are entrepreneurs, giving up this resource is one of the biggest mistakes.

Anyway, social networks have become business stores and there are two of them that dominate the market: Facebook and Instagram. The first is more traditional, while the second is more “organized” and with more young people.

Video platforms

Video platforms are also examples of social media and the main one is YouTube. Usually the content is more explanatory, bringing information, user experiences and other perceptions.

Recently a new short video app has dominated the internet: Tik Tok . Its audience is mostly younger (under 23 years old). If your niche market is this, the app is a full plate!

It seemed to be just a sensation of the moment due to the pandemic (people stayed more at home and, consequently, on social networks), but it has shown itself firmly until today.

And social media examples : Twitter and its brief comments

The Twitter is a network more ancient and gained popularity even before Instagram. However, most Brazilians do not have a profile in this media.

The network can fit in as one of the examples of micro blog social media. Users can post only short texts, videos or photos – nothing too extensive and with ideas developed in a complex way.

Often it may not be so interesting for companies to create a profile on this social media (which also fits as a social network), but it all depends on the target audience.

Expose more robust content to blogs

The blog is a form of media widely used to disseminate information, opinions, debates and many other content. It is one of the most conventional platforms and even today it attracts a lot of public.

Usually companies develop this page with a lot of information (they bet strongly on content marketing) and, also, on the same channel they can purchase the product in question.

There are several tools that can be used to increase traffic to people and thus increase the number of leads.

All examples of social media have n strategies and devices to reach the target audience, and it is essential to study each one of them in order to make the most of everything that networks can provide!

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