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Facebook is a very traditional social network and most people have a profile, but the Social Media Instagram is edging out the “social mother network” every day.

That’s because Instagram proved to be a slightly more “filtered” platform. Your layout is simpler, ideas are more organized and the relationship you have with your followers can be more selected as well.

That is why many people are stopping using Facebook to stay only in the social network of photographs (remembering that both are part of the same group, so, in theory, they are not competitors).

Social networks are playing an IMPRESSIVE role in commerce, as they have moved a large percentage of purchases made worldwide. That said, there is something to keep in mind: the media are markets.

Social Media : Instagram, the social network of all ages

Let’s dig a little deeper on the subject… the Social Media Instagram and Facebook and other platforms, began to focus companies and corporations.

That’s because most people have a website. However, concentrating different niche audiences is not the only reason for these site success.

The digital world has incredible user recognition technology, so each person (including you who are reading) provides a lot of information to your phone, tablet, computer…

This information is used to establish your profile as a consumer. Do you think the advertisements on your social networks are by chance?! They are not! Everything was selected according to algorithms.

And as invasive as that sounds, if you have a product or service to offer, it’s time to take advantage of these Instagram Social Media tools.

This is also true for Facebook, mainly because the campaigns are carried out jointly by the two platforms.

How to use Instagram Social Media to your advantage

If you want to stand out in the market, prospect new customers, intensify ties with your consumers and increase your sales, then it’s time for you to invest in a media profile.

The construction of your page must have identity, purpose, language, mission, policy, among other requirements. In short: you must create a kind of personality for your brand.

Users need to identify with your company. That way, marketing strategies are more likely to work!

To use the Social Media Instagram in its favor is required, plus a good profile, bet on called Content Marketing. This strategy involves producing posts that inform and entertain the lead.

All of this should be done in case of thinking, so be sure to develop a posting schedule. In general, the management of these social networks is fundamental.

But of course, all of this must be done using the resources of Instagram. The platform is connected with Facebook, which, by the way, has exclusive tools for launching marketing campaigns.

That is, there is an entire structure for you to advertise your products/services automatically and optimally. That’s where you gain your audience: with targeted marketing to the right users.

Consider someone to manage social media

If you’re a little lost in this, don’t be alarmed. Digital marketing is a very broad and complex universe.

In this way, only those who really understand the subject will be able to manage the media using all available resources to generate the maximum results.

That’s why many companies consider outsourced management of Social Media Instagram and other networks. It is an investment that is certainly worthwhile and will provide you with a great return.

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