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Social Media Plan

Social media has become the flagship of Digital Marketing campaigns, after all, the vast majority of target audiences are on some digital platform. Therefore, establishing the social media plan is essential.

This is nothing more than a plan for you to organize and structure your steps. It is not smart to set up a profile or create a page on a blog without defining how this management will be.

Nowadays there are several tools and algorithms that can help you reach your audience. Those who do not use all resources intelligently will not see all the desired results.

First step of the social media plan : establish a strategy

Having said all that, the first step in your social media plan is to establish your strategy. What do you intend to do to reach your niche market?

Honor student and quite your target audience and assess what are the media that users most frequent. It is important to focus on what is most visible among potential consumers.

It should be noted that each user is in a sales stage (idea of ​​the Sales Funnel) and it is important to segment your content for each one of them.

Therefore, your strategy must also be defined according to the levels of intimacy that your audience has with your product / service.

What is the purpose of your profile?

Something you should ask yourself is about the purpose of your profile and how it will communicate with leads.

Will your profile have as main purpose to inform users with a lot of content? With news, informational posts and the like? Or will it just be focused on product display?

It is necessary to develop a “personality” for your page, as this makes it easier to create an identity for the public to assimilate.

Make a schedule of publications

It is very important that you develop a posting schedule for your social media plan. Nothing is by chance and even the number of posts should be considered.

More direct social networks with little content per post (like Twitter , for example) can have a lot of posts during the day.

Networks that allow a little more content can bet on something more space, like one or two daily posts. More “serious” networks, like Linkedin , the ideal number drops to two or three weekly posts.

Establishing what type of content will be posted is also important. Videos, texts, graphics, experiences, among other possibilities…

The social media plan needs content

As you may have noticed, it is essential to produce content in the social media plan.

The so-called Content Marketing (or Content Marketing) in English is a fundamental tool for prospecting customers. Vary your type of content and do it according to the expectations of your target audience.

In addition to, of course, segmenting this content according to the stage that the lead is in the Sales Funnel (as previously mentioned). Remembering that everything must be of quality!

Monitor your results, study and innovate

It’s Awesome scindível your entire plan and their results is monitored. The results show how the public is accepting your campaigns.

Be sure to study new tools and always stay updated to innovate in your content. The internet is very fast and it is important that you follow this movement.

Having said all that, the social media plan is something fundamental to direct your work and must be done very well. Organization, structuring, content segmentation, results monitoring and innovation are the main steps.

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