Being Young and Gay in Chiang Mai

Young western gays can socialise with friends anywhere without much Being Young and Gay in Chiang Mai the abundant prejudice that existed not so long ago. I wrote earlier of access to gay spaces and access here is not something to be taken lightly — some would argue that the access of minority groups to spaces in which they might safely and securely interact with other members of their minority group are vital and necessary.

In contrast, some of the traditional gay bars are in danger of turning into freak shows.

Being Young and Gay in Chiang Mai

It is the time when visitors make a mass exodus and local suffer. The sauna Being Young and Gay in Chiang Mai on Sirimangklajarn Rd, Soi 3, after which it is the last house on the Road and the best to get there is by taxi or Tuk-Tuk. Cons - Facilities are a little dated.

Gays and The Law In terms of public tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality, Thailand is one of the most welcoming countries across Asia. Never before have work and life been so mobile, and Chiang Mai is home to the leading edge of this movement.

Read More Napneung is a project by Chiang Mai University that offers anonymous, fast under an hourand free HIV testing for Thai residents, with a participation fee for non-residents.

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We can image you were nodding your head while reading this :. By contrast, the commercial scene: go-go bars and massage parlours has changed little in a decade. In some ways, at our age this is easier for us than it is for you at your much younger age…. The aim of this website is to provide useful information about all aspects of gay life in Chiang Mai, so that our readers can make informed choices about where they go Being Young and Gay in Chiang Mai what they do here.

English Deutsch. A three month stay in Thailand is a good length of time to visit a few places or even just to relax and have a change of scenery. We know adjusting to our new lives will take time, and we are excited about our journey that lies ahead Being Young and Gay in Chiang Mai us.

We think these experiences can happen in any country for any first time or even second time expats.

This has now changed once again with the development of Gay Soi 6 , seeing six gay bars located in the area. Though this state of flux exists in every city with every group of tourists, it presents an interesting situation for gay life here, simply because the desire for gay-specific neighbourhoods and nightlife seems to be a predominantly Western one.

Other nightlife is then forced to close due to noise constraints. In areas such as Nimmanahaeminda Rd, once a quiet residential suburb, a trendy nightlife district has emerged, packed with bars, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and, more high-end apartments and hotels.

CityNews — Years ago, one of the big attractions of Chiang Mai was the relaxed gay lifestyle, and gay scene. For this reason you may prefer to stay in the area most suited to your interests.

Being Young and Gay in Chiang Mai

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