Since Arcigay fights for equality

Achieving full equality is one of the main objectives of Arcigay: to our families, this really means access to marriage for all, including full parenting rights. The Mario Mieli Club also promotes the memory of the persecution and extermination of homosexuals by Nazi-fascism, in particular with initiatives, conferences and meetings on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance 27 January and participated at the invitation of the Municipality of Rome to a journey of Memory to Aushwitz Since Arcigay fights for equality how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

An information and prevention site on sexually transmitted diseases and especially on Since Arcigay fights for equality, with an online medical, psychological and legal advice service. It is financed through the membership of members and members, the donations of individuals individuals, foundations, businesses, etc.

Since Arcigay fights for equality November 14 Arcigay staged a demonstration outside the Egyptian embassy in Rome to protest against the imprisonment of numerous citizens for being homosexual. Racial violence still happens, though not as frequently as it did 30 or 40 years ago. Only a minor part of its funds is invested in its structural administration.

Becoming a member of Arcigay is easy: you can join at any of our member centres political or recreational throughout Italy. Arcigay is a national reality and consists of 70 affiliated associations and local committees. Even with these laws, there is still racial inequality in the U.

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Though the crowd was not nearly as large as the first march, the message was clear; equality between blacks and whites is still an important issue in America. Since Arcigay fights for equality la Privacy Policy completa clicca qui. In the same month, Since Arcigay fights for equality French parliament approved the Pacs Civil Solidarity Pact regarding legally registered partnerships, including same-sex couples.

The openly gay philosopher Gianni Vattimo was elected to the European parliament; his campaign had been vigorously supported by the Association. On the occasion of the G8 summit in Genoa, Arcigay was part of the union of seven hundred associations promoted by the Genoa Social Forum for the globalisation of civil rights.

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  • Arcigay is the main Italian LGBTI non-for-profit organization, the largest in terms of number of volunteers and activists throughout Italy. Since Arcigay fights for equality, self-determination, and against stereotypes and prejudice towards LGBTI people, as well as against any form of discrimination.
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Who are the Rainbow Families? They measure themselves with the experience of single parents. In a few days you will receive the answer to your questions in complete anonymity. Interpersonal and friendship relations are among the priorities and, for this purpose, DGP organizes moments of aggregation and fun open to all.

Since Arcigay fights for equality

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