The somewhat increased gay visibility of gays in Zagreb

Language and Sexuality. The idea for this book came from a very banal fact: that research on the history of homosexuality in Croatia almost does not exist. But partnerships laws do not address the long-standing Catholic, patriarchal and conservative attitudes against same-sexers in this new democracy.

The research for this paper was supported by funding from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and Banco Popolare Croatia, under the project — Construction and Structure of Language Identity. But the field in question is psychology — homosexuality here figures as a psychological problem, in the same way as it was in the article from The other pictures in this article are pictures of ordinary people, not posing for the photograph: two girls holding hands and a middle-aged woman depicted from the waist down, dressed in a skirt and flat-heeled shoes, holding a handbag — a parent.

The somewhat increased gay visibility of gays in Zagreb

Fascinated by the hospitality of its small but welcoming and friendly gay community, the clean water of the Adriatic as well as the possibility to experience some of the most beautiful scenery to be found on the European continent, they return year after year.

It was the period when gay activism in Croatia had already reached some of its aims, and when the discourse on homosexuality had become more visible and acceptable in the media. See also: Tourism in Croatia. RTL televizija. Two photos of professionals are reproduced, one of a psychologist dealing with issues of homosexual and bisexual persons, the other of an activist, the coordinator of the Counselling centre being founded.

Legislation Homosexuality is legal in Croatia. Perhaps you should point out that these laws actually are among the most extensive and forthcoming laws concerning LGBT people in East- and Central Europe.

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Both newspaper articles were published on the occasions of establishing organizations having to do with the LGBT population: in the first case it was the starting of Ligma — the first organization for homosexual persons in Croatia, while in the second it was the founding of the Counselling centre for the parents of homosexual and bisexual persons, started up within the lesbian organization Kontra.

Croatia bans all discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. The next characteristic of the vocabulary supports this statement: the word gay , widespread in the activist vocabulary and in their publications, does not appear in the text at all.

The somewhat increased gay visibility of gays in Zagreb

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