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Social Media Types

Digital marketing has surpassed the conventional ways attractive content production and now, know what are the types of social media is something almost mandatory to have success today.

Considering that the market is increasingly competitive (regardless of its industry) and that Brazil is going through moments of crisis, having the preference of the target audience is the only way to maintain high levels of profitability.

The relationship between this and marketing is obvious : good marketing campaigns are able to prospect several users to convert them into purchases in the future.

As good as your product is, potential consumers will not develop a taste for it if there is any stimulus (and, in addition, without marketing it may happen that they don’t even know your product).

What are the types of social media

To start working on digital platforms one of the first steps is to understand what types of social media are. From this you can segment your content in formats that most suit your audience.

“But how so?”. Each type of audience has its respective characteristics and prefer certain types of media. So, you need to know how to choose which platform to work on. See what are the main possibilities:

  • Micro blogs

Micro Blogs are a very objective type of content, in order to get the message across quickly and efficiently. Good examples are Twitter and Tumblr.

The latter is more focused on young people and is not widely used for advertising, but Twit ter already has a larger audience. It’s great for informing and also communicating with the public.

  • Blogs

Blogs are better known structures, where you can expose several ideas with longer articles. The content can be varied and language as well, it all depends on your target audience.

  • Content social networks

They are still a social network, but the main objective is the creation of content and not the exposure of private life. This is the case, for example, of Youtube – the largest video platform in the world.

  • Social networks

It is one of the most famous types of social media among the target audience. Nowadays there are several ways to display content, but they are usually compiled more directly and informally.

Facebook and Instagram are the two most famous social networks in the world and anyone who knows how to work with them will probably have surprising results.

TV, Radio and newspaper are not social media types

Among the types of social media, questions about TV, radio or newspapers are common.

In fact, these forms of communication are not part of social media, as they are transmitted in a traditional way. They are still effective, but often the cost x benefit of a marketing campaign is not very interesting.

This is because the public is small (unless, of course, your niche focuses only on these more traditional media ) and the investment ends up being more considerable than on digital platforms.

Why should I invest in social media?

If you are wondering if it is worth investing in the types of social media the answer is quite simple and direct: it is VERY worth it. As already said, most people have access and use the internet.

In addition, several intelligent algorithms have been developed (and continue to work on it) so that the campaigns promoted hit full potential customers.

Nothing in the social media types is by chance! You will have several tools to promote your business and you will surely be able to prospect more and more customers, just know how to use the networks in the proper way.

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