User s exact location even a user living where gay

Impeachment Inquiry Politics U. DC Eagle. Holmes said unlike Twitter, which is more public and which is transparent about who has blocked whom, Grindr introduces the additional layer of sexual orientation, and the release of a user's personal information could lead to increased stalking and other forms of sex-based harassment.

Author: Brian Barrett Brian Barrett.

Yet the same technology that they gratefully embrace can expose them to the risk of blackmail, arrest and violence. For location-based dating apps such as Grindr, the security challenges are especially acute because of the very feature that makes them popular.

That added degree of invasion means that even particularly privacy-oriented gay daters—which could include anyone who perhaps hasn't come out publicly as LGBT or who lives in a repressive, homophobic regime—can be unwittingly targeted.

Apps Geo-Location privacy security research.

Наверное, user s exact location even a user living where gay

User s exact location even a user living where gay should have to maintain data with adequate security protections, including encryption at rest and in transit. Want more consumer news? NDTV Gadgets reports that an unknown person has sent warnings to thousands of Grindr users in countries with anti-gay laws.

We started with a consumer app that invented the check-in to allow people to find friends and learn more about the cities they explore. Grindr sent a similar alert to users last fall, based on similar stories coming out of Egypt. Hot or Not : Hot or Not encourages users to rate your profile, check out people in their area, and chat with strangers.

  • In the right hands, location data can be a force for good.
  • As our children head back to school, Enough is Enough, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping children safe in the digital world, is distributing a list generated by law enforcement detailing the 15 most dangerous apps for children.
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Grindr recently shared with The Associated Press some of the responses it received from an informal survey of users in countries where gay sex is outlawed. By Michael Grothaus 2 minute Read. But after a slightly longer hunting process, Hoang was still able to identify my location.

Important reminder: Never share your Grindr account information or password with third parties.

User s exact location even a user living where gay

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