Why does it bother you that I m gay and

What's an ex gay? If 3 kids suicide instead of 6, well, if I were the mother of one of the three children who was alive, I would be very grateful. I killed myself.

Me: The Bible is nonsense! You: No. Do I look or act gay or straight to you? You: Yeah, go ahead, you gay sissy! It is not more laws that we need, but more education. Writing feared sentences repetitively. The government is not God; it is people just like us.

ТОЧНО! Поразительно! Why does it bother you that I m gay and таких

That's why I want to tell his dad, I know his father is a strong man who I respect and is very open minded, and would be able to help my little brother. User Info: Yoozay Yoozay Topic Creator 5 years ago 7 Thanks for the responses, I definitely won't be mentioning to anyone in the house,etc.

Again, not all homosexuals are like this, but the ones that are stand out a lot and give homosexuals in general a bad name. I understand we are different, I respect you for being different, and I humbly request that you respect me for being different for you.

I don't Why does it bother you that I m gay and about people saying 'thats so gay'. Though I understand not everybody is the same, I'm just worried that someone like his friends find what I do or something He needs to delete his history or at least use incognito for God's sake.

Make a concentrated effort in yourself to be more open-minded and tolerant of homosexuality. Shiang posted

I bet your best friend is an amazing guy who's got your back and you can obviously tell anything to and I also bet you find him attractive. Hang back and let other people explore the frontier. People think I'm gay Doubting something so basic about yourself can obviously be quite a torturous business.

Izzy Kalman Resilience to Bullying.

Why does it bother you that I m gay and

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